Letterpress Business Cards

Letterpress printing is the process of using a polymer or metal plate to press ink into a sheet of paper. Letterpress is one of the oldest printing processes that we know of, and it is ironic that back in the day, the mark of high-quality letterpress printing was to create no impression in the sheet at all!

Rest assured, we do not adhere to the standards of the old times! Our letterpress business cards are printed with an emphasis on a tactile impression so that your card will stand out. We offer our letterpress business cards on a select set of paper stocks we think provide the best “crumple” and emphasize the contrast that comes from a deep impression.

We offer our letterpress business cards on Mohawk Superfine, Strathmore, Cranes and Savoy papers, in thickness ranging from 16pt to 52pt.

We are happy to provide custom quotes, and we also offer round-cornering and edging options.